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Melbourne Tattoo Show and Tattoo Convention

By on 22. Februar 2018

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This is a video of my walk through at the recent tattoo convention at the Carlton Exhibition Buildings. All the good folk were happy to get their photo taken and it seemed like a great event for all the people who love Tattoo and Ink Art. I suggest grabbing a beverage if you’re going to watch all of this, it does go for a bit! Then when you’re done go to Rod.Tv or Sticktool.Com … cheers! Please note i am not affiliated with the entity running this event and respect their brand, there are no intentions to profit off their name or event, this is just a recap of what I paid to see (and enjoyed)



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    22. Februar 2018 at 08:36

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    22. Februar 2018 at 08:36

    Consider a visit to my sites Rod Dot Tv and StickTool Dot Com ……cheers!

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    My visit to the rites of passage tattoo convention #tattoos  

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